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Why Meditation? Why JOY, of course!

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I have meditated for over twenty years.  Someone asked “Why?”  and said he didn’t have the time,   So, why bother with meditation?

Here are a few that I’ve observed and a few that have some research that supports them:

  1. Healthy:  improves blood pressure, heart function and immune system
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Increases ability to observe self and respond rather than react
  4. Anger becomes easier to manage
  5. Relationships improve
  6. Increased ability to weather the storms of life
  7. Closer connection to the Source: God
  8. JOY
  9. JOY

I mentioned Joy twice because JOY is the benefit of all the other benefits.

It’s easy to start:  if you haven’t downloaded my FREE breathing APP, go to your APP store and download:  Room to Breathe.  Take 15 minutes to start, or just listen for five minutes today, and increase to 7 minutes tomorrow and so on: Breathing in the present moment today for a healthy tomorrow.

Room to Breathe Sample

Peaceful breathing and love,




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