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What Makes Us Happy? Attitude, Gratitude, and Breath


I’ve been thinking about what makes us happy? After our basic needs of food and clothes are satisfied, there seems to be three things that separate the happy folks from the unhappy.

1.  Community: giving love and receiving love of family and friends

2. God moments:  prayer and/or moments of presence in this miracle of life

3. Appreciation vs entitlement and expectation

Community also may include work satisfaction, although I have heard many people describe the same job in very different ways.  One person might see their work as a great way to provide for their family. That person feels pride in a job well done and takes that pride home to family in a happy and generous attitude. Another person in the same position sees work as forever dreary, and is weary after the day and lets others know about that sense of misery with complaints and demands.

Try for a week, moving towards happiness with these big three.

1. Attitude

2. Gratitude

3. Breath

Attitude:  start each day with “I’m happy and it’s going to be a good day.” Say this even though you may not believe it.

Gratitude: I love grateful lists, on paper or in your mind, each day a new list

Breath: take a breathing break, just breathe and relax in the miracles that God has given you

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Peace and happiness



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