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What is a Purposeful Life? Vulnerable Joy


When I tell the story of who I am, it always includes the people I love the most:  My family, my friends, the people I am able to to as I provide counseling services.  A few weeks ago, a woman who was a colleague passed suddenly in her sleep.  She had lived a full life, with caring to others and God as her Savior.  She was a “whole hearted person”.  That is, she believed she was worthy of all the love God had to give her. She had courage to be vulnerable, I knew her success and I knew her failures, or rather, what she considered her challenges in life.  She wasn’t perfect. She allowed others to see her vulnerability and it made her more beautiful and more loved.

I’m sadened by her death.  I want to say things to her that I never said. Things like:  “You’re beauty inspires me.”  or ” You have a wisdom that I yearn to learn from”

Her life had purpose because she was connected to those around her. She let herself be seen, deeply seen.  She practiced gratitude.

Today:  two tips for a purposeful life:

1. Be vulnerable today, even when you want to run away and hide. Break through the fear, if only for a moment.

2. Practice joy and gratitude…feel your feelings and let others know you love them.   Say it all out loud.

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