LMFT, D. Min.

Welcome to Mindful Living

Welcome to my new website and blog. I hope to be of service in providing you with information about how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle. My blog will cover topics of interest to you, as I receive questions, I will provide tips in the areas that I have been teaching for many years. Most of what I teach involves mindful meditation. I hope to give you tips on meditation’s benefits and tips on how to meditate to live more happily and more healthy.

I begin today with:

What seeds are you planting with your thoughts?
We “plant” seeds of loving kindness, worry, and regrets of the past, or joy, with our thoughts today.

Take a moment to breathe and recognize where your thoughts are taking you. Meditation helps to illuminate your thoughts.

Begin to plant thought seeds that will bring fresh and beautiful blossoms into your life. Just breathe in the wonder and miracle of spring and all it blooms. Breathe out the winter doldrums. With intention, spring into this season with a commitment each day to plant seeds in your life each day that will flourish into a healthier happier you.

Let’s plant a seed of love to each we meet with a smile…the universal greeting of friendship.

Peace and blessings,

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