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Two Tricks to Slowing Life Down


I realized today that May 1 is just two days away.  It’s almost as if the clock turns faster and faster and a day is not 24 hours anymore.  2013 is almost half over, so I thought I’d re-visit my intentions for the year 2013 while there’s time to re-direct if I chose.  From there I hope to figure out how to slow down the fast moving minute hand.

Here’s my New Year’s Intention list from as 2013 was just beginning, along with how I’m doing in bold:

I will write on my heart that today is the best day.Most days I feel it is the best day of my life….sometimes, I don’t remember this.     I will see more miracles, Yes…I am stoppping long enough to see more of the miracles….. weave into the lives of others the best that I have to give, a good night’s sleep helps with this one…birth something new.Two new Apps out this year and work continues on another…. I will believe even when I doubt. Trust God with all my Heart…tough when I don’t see results of my prayers but, I try..and go back to seeing the miracles….I will turn my fear to hope and service to others. I’m working in three agencies providing counseling and saying YES to those who need.  I promise to rejoice, Yes, celebrating sing,Yes, off tune, but singing.. dance, Could do better…gotta get dancin and eat more cupcakes.I’ve got this one covered for sure! Humbly I will share my heart and surrender my whole being to Gods will.I do this daily, sometimes hourly. Random act of kindness  remind me of God’s love.  I pass this on to others.

My tricks for slowing life down?

1.  Breathe, just breathe, notice you are breathing and what a precious miracle this life is.

2.  Put first things first:  Praise God, family, friends, love, service. Notice, give thanks every day.

Peace and love,



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