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Take action: Live in Joy of the Moment

In helping people take action in their lives, I’ve found that the most important skill needed is to reconnect with the present moment. This will help you snap out of over thinking and just go and do whatever you want to get done.
One of the simplest ways to connect with the present moment is to keep your focus on you breathing for a minute or two. Present moment, action. Happy day!

If this becomes difficult, as it will sometimes, try this:  Focus on three things in the room or environment around you: the chair, your body on the chair, a picture on the wall, some object in the distance, whatever your eye catches. This may bring you into the present moment and in this moment, all life is lived.  Usually there is nothing pressing in this moment, it is the thoughts of the past, like regret, or criticism of ourselves or others that fill up the present moment.  Or maybe it’s the thoughts of the future, plans, fantasy of what might be that occupy our minds. Focusing on the present, including everything that is in our present gives us the opportunity to stay in this one moment.

When in doubt, doing nothing is actually doing something. Unless there is a life and death emergency, many if not most things don’t need a decision today. I have found that struggling to find answers doesn’t work. If I allow the unfolding of life, my intuition kicks in, or answers surface. Often the best thing is to breathe, and let God take over.

Letting God take over, being present and the last:  giving thanks..

All part of a life lived in joy of the moment.

Peace today,


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