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Mindful Eating in 4 Steps


Summertime and the eating is easy.  

Recently I was at a buffet where the table presented 25 different beautiful ways to serve sugar, a bowl of fruit, a few veggies with a dip, and a plate of Chinese chicken salad. My eyes ooggled all the sugary treats from brownies to chocolate covered graham crackers.  Everything about the sweet treats was lovely to look at. I wondered if one piece of chocolate covered strawberry was possible? I stared at that table for a long time.  

Here’s where the mindful eating comes in:  I took it all in with my eyes and took a breath. In that breath, I was able to observe myself:  “I know myself, one sweet is not enough.”  Two, three, four can be consumed pretty fast,,,,IF, I don’t stop and notice what is happening.  

This is mindful eating, or mindful life:  Noticing the moment, noticing the breath.  What did I do after that breath? I grabbed my camera, took the photo you see, and had some grapes. I was able to back away from the table, search out some fancy sparkling water to drink and talk to someone at the party.  Moment passed.  

Four Steps to SUmmer Eating Mindfully:

1.Stop long enough to breathe.

2.Drink a sparkling water with lemon.

3.Savor the fruit

4.Step Away from the table.

Happy rest of the summer days,

Mindfully eating, one taste at a time.