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What makes us Happy? the four P’s


Does happiness lie in feeling good, as hedonists think, or in doing and being good, as Aristotle and his intellectual descendants, the virtue ethicists, think? From the evidence of a recent study, it seems that feeling good is not enough. People need meaning to thrive. In the words of Carl Jung, “The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.” Jung’s wisdom certainly seems to apply to our bodies, if not also to our hearts and our minds.

Practice the four P’s of Happiness:

Presence:  Being present in this moment, not in the past, not in the future.  Many of us have regrets, thoughts of past conversations that linger in our minds and prevent enjoyment in the present.  These take away from our happiness.  Also, many of us have thoughts about future plans, lists of things to do, future things that we will say to a person. These also take away from this very moment. Stay in the present, in this one breath for the greatest happiness/

Positivity: Negative thoughts getting you down?  I believe you are what you think. Where the attention flows, the feelings grow.  Recognize and weed out the negative.  Let go of the things and people you cannot change which is everyone but yourself, have the courage to change what you are able to change.

Proactivity:  Worry is doing nothing.  Think about what you can do to make this situation better and Take action. Do any action of kindness.  Today, have the intention to have a smile for each person you meet.

Prayer:  Probably needs to be first.  Let God know that you are having difficulty in an area and ask that worry be lifted from you.  This does not mean not to do your part, but rather that you’d like a partner (God). Remember: God hears you praying, even if you never say a word. God is able to lift up your hope to heaven on high, quietly, even as you go about your daily routine. So let God add His spirit to yours, let Him pray beside you. Together you will raise your dream just a little higher.

So, as Mother Teresa has said, Do small things with great love.  You will feel happiness in that present moment.

Peace and blessings,