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Meditation and Loss of a Loved One

IMG_2052-1The recent loss of a loved one has prompted reflection about grieving and how meditation helps the process of saying goodbye when we lose someone we love.   Some may think that meditation is a way to escape from the deep sadness that comes when we experience loss.

Nothing is further from the truth. Meditation helps us to go deeply into the present moment. When we stop our activities, and go deeply into the present, we create the possibility of seeing and experiencing all that is present for us in that moment. Sadness, shock, longing, loneliness, anger, guilt, joy or other feelings related to the loss may arise in our consciousness.  This is a natural part of the process of being who we really are. If we have loved someone, it is impossible not to grieve the loss of that love.

What mediation opens for us is the realm of feelings and thoughts that come and go into our conscious mind.  In meditation,  breathing and experiencing the feelings, allows the possibility of letting go, in one tiny step after another.  In the process of allowing and letting go, we give ourselves the gift of being human.

We know that sadness from loss can strike at any time. A piece of music, a memory while shopping in the grocery store, an object on a shelf can all start memories and tears. This may not be convenient for ourselves or others.  Some might like us to get on with our lives. Meditation and being in the moment of our feelings is the getting on, being fully alive.

We give ourselves the courage to suffer and gain insight and compassion, for ourselves and others in meditation and in loss.  Just like we give ourselves the gift of joy, we give ourselves the gift of tis very moment. This is the great loving kindness contained in the moment, in this present moment.

There is so much more to say about the feelings of loss.  Please add a comment of your journey through loss.  Each is so individually unique. There is no right or wrong way, it is just our way.

Meditation helps me, perhaps it will be a peaceful friend to you.

Peace and blessings on your journey.