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No Resolutions for 2015: Just Breathing

pro photo2I’ve decided to forget any New Year’s resolutions or “intentions”  as I usually name them.  Things like last year’s taking ” tags off things, wearing the best first, looking into my life to see what I can give away, what I need to polish, and where God’s hand is reaching for me to come forward. Last year I promised I would eat more cupcakes, sing and dance more, birth something new, celebrate miracles daily and most of all, I will open wide the windows of my heart and embrace God’s will.”  Well, those seemed to get done, I gave away more than I bought, creativity ? yes, a new App was released to help people sleep. I hardly take credit for any of it.  I get by with a little and alot of help from my friends and God’s grace, of  course. I re-created my life by turning it upside down, so I had no choice but to embrace God’s will.   I did eat more cupcakes than ever, enjoying every one of them, guilt free. Dancing?  yes, some.   Let’s face it, sometimes words won’t do it, there’s just some movement and I like to call it dance. I celebrated the miracles by doing many gratitude lists during the year.

2014 was a year of learning to accept and learning again the great power of our Creator who controls everything.  I control nothing except maybe my lipstick, and even then, I put it on and the color does what it wants in an hour.

So I am coming into the New Year with nothing I want to do.  It feels rather freeing, having no goals except BEING.

Oh there are things I’m wanting to complete, like finding work in the desert and my new meditation Apps, my new writing assignment with an online womens’ magazine called Sibella, but I have come to a point where I recognize that I’m not the doer of great things.  I am here by the grace of God and stuff gets done every day because I take the day one minute at a time, one breath at a time, and just keep going.  But first My Creator puts breath into me and then I keep going.

The year 2015 is the year of staying present.  No resolutions based on what I would like in the future, and no past spinning in my head. Just being, like I’m here now at the keyboard with you.

Yep, it’s freeing.  No resolutions. No great intentions. Just breathing.

Happy 2015!

Georgiana Lotfy