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Plant Seeds That will Bloom and Feed Your Life

small moon and palm

A moon lit night recently gave me pause to take a look at my life. I began a journey towards becoming the person God wanted me to me many years ago.  I sometimes look at the twist and turns of that journey and remark how wondrous it’s all been.

I remember chance meetings or events that have been so influential. One such chance meeting brought me to California. One newspaper article peaked my interest so much in the Christian prayer tool of walking the labyrinth that I embarked on a journey to learn as much as I could about the labyrinth and to offer that information to others as a way to transformation. Another brought my meditation work to a wider audience via recording and publishing.

In God’s plan, there are no mistakes.  I am here because of all the moments that came before this moment.  I find it helpful to  remember that every day.  Maybe the rough times have been times that I needed to grow. I know it was those times that I developed compassion for myself or someone else, I learned that I’m not in control, I must let go to God’s will. I may not have known that the rough times were as important as the wonderful times, because often I can only see through the rear view mirror of my life.

Here is a benefit of meditation:  To increase conscious contact with God, my Higher Power.  With meditation and prayer I am able to step back long enough to look at my thoughts and the intentions of my day. I know that my thoughts today are the seeds that I plant for tomorrow.

I invite you to look at your thoughts and intentions today:  these are the seeds of your tomorrows.

Plant seeds that will bloom and feed your life.

Peace and happy day,


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