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Meditation: Back to the Basics: 3 Easy Steps

BreatheAppSnapshotToday I want to get back to basics:  the breath, being in the moment, celebrating life with each breath.  I want to share what really helps.

My life has been full these last months.   Heart breaking and difficult events happened and  just today I seem to be coming back to life. Not that these events were deadening, but when I lost two loved ones, very close to me and had a painful medical condition,  I felt separation from joy and triumph.  Deep grief and pain are like this.

So what are the basics that helped me day to day these last several months?

1.  The BREATH:  where would we be without it?  In times of sorrow, tears, and confusion I would attempt to come back to ‘this one breath’. Breathing in and breathing out, feeling the breath in my body, knowing God’s presence even when I felt alone and feared not even God was with me.  My breath would remind me “I am Alive” and “God is Alive” in me. Try it, it works.

2.  BEING in the Moment:  breathing takes us to this very moment. I can’t get lost in the past or the future when I am firmly planted in the here and now.  I realize that in this moment there is no danger, there is no fear, there is only glory.  Presently, I am sitting at my computer looking out the window at the beauty of the early morning. Try this now:  recognize where you are, the beauty you have internally and the beauty surrounding you. It works.

3. Celebrating Life: Grateful lists.  I continue to create my grateful lists, even when the only thing I can think of to be grateful for is my mind that is doing the creating and my pen and paper. Some days these lists are lengthy, sometimes short. It was very difficult to find gratitude when the person closest to me for over 30 years passed away two months ago.  That’s another blog post, grief has its own journey and process of teaching.  I’m still in it.  But, grateful lists happened even then, and even now, because of the goodness and kindness of those around me: in a word Love got me through.  God’s love and love of friends and family. Try a grateful list right now:  three simple things you are grateful for.

So, the three basics.  These three steps got me through and I am back to these three today.

They say s_ _t happens, well, today, I’m making JOY happen, in three easy steps.

Peace and blessings,



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