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Meditation and Celebration: 3 Steps to Leap Ahead

pro photo2I believe in recognizing and celebrating the milestones of our lives.  Birthdays and anniversaries of  course, but I also remember and acknowledge transition dates and times of my life where I took a leap of faith beyond my comfort zone. These dates call for positive energy, affirmation, love and a grateful spirit for having accomplished a job well done.  Meditation leads me to pause today to recognize the joy of all moments that have led to here and now.

Milestones can motivate and leap us to the next step on our path.

I have a simple three step method of celebration of life milestones.

1. Acknowledge the goal completed:  YEA! I did this! Tell a friend, Have a few moments of silence to really feel the importance of your work.  I read that 21 seconds is necessary for a good feeling to become a great hormone driven feeling that powers your body. It’s not a long time, Try it.  Hold a good feeling about yourself for 21 seconds: notice how you feel.

2.  What skills did I use for this goal? Put these statements in positive affirmation form:  For example:  I was persevering.  I was patient when the task seemed overwhelming.  I was able to pick myself up after disappointment. I was open to new ideas.  I opened my mind and heart.  I was confident and allowed my faith to be my guide.

3. Gratitude to all those who helped along the way. There’s always a village of folks who support our efforts. Acknowledge and thank in person, writing, prayer, blessings, thanks. Thank you is a great prayer.

The three steps today come on the anniversary of the release of my Mindful Meditation cdHeal Your Love”  Mindful Christian Meditation. I am celebrating and sharing the celebration with you.  Many of you have purchased the cd which is still available and remains something I am proud to offer.

Here goes my three step celebration today of my cd, Heal Your Love:

1. Acknowledge. I did it! Yea!  It was several years in the simmer stage and a year in the making and production but I did it! (hold for 21 seconds)

2. Affirmations. I was patient with the process.  I allowed others to lead and I didn’t take control of the whole project. I am able to be of service in the world.  I had patience with myself when I wasn’t producing as well as I thought I “should” be. I had perseverance. I brought together an amazing team who helped in the creation.  I produced a beautiful product that is timeless and continues to inspire others.  There are more that I’ll continue in my journal.

3. Grateful to God for all the gifts I have been given. Thankful for the super competent, caring and patient sound engineer, the musicians, the designer, the production team, the marketing folks, the website that hosts my cd. Grateful also to all the people who viewed each prayer for flow and gave such good feedback in the production stages. Thanks for to all those who purchased.  Grateful for the feedback of those who purchased. (to be continued in my journal)

This day is a happy day full of gratitude and love.

Peace and blessings to you,





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