LMFT, D. Min.


Mindfulness is an awareness of the breath that stills the mind into the sacred, present moment. Georgiana Lotfy has studied meditation for many years. People of all faiths use some form of prayer or meditation in their spiritual practice. In the Christian tradition, meditation has roots dating to the early monks, the Desert Father and Mothers. The cd will nourish your spirit as it quiets your mind. Scripture readings are spoken within the meditations.

In the busyness of life, allow the meditation prayers to manifest a calm and joyful spirit.

I invite you to listen to a Sample of each of the Five Prayers/Meditations.


The Heal Your Love CD


Some of the comments from people who have listened to the cd or the Meditation Apps:

“I have a heart of forgiveness since I listened to these prayers. I had incredible joy in me, like being at a retreat after listening to this.” Melissa, prayer participant

“I was very receptive to this; it calmed me down and got me focused, being comfortable in the present moment. And I loved the music background.” Susan, graphic designer

“The passages of scripture find you, reminds you that God is love.” Eli, educator, artist

“It helps me calm down after work” Robert, retail store manager

“I played it for my elderly dad who has dementia and he calmed down and rested with the soothing voice and music,” Fran, workshop leader.