LMFT, D. Min.

Love the Miracle of Your Life

As you walk the labyrinth of your life following y

In God’s plan, there are no mistakes. I am here because of all the moments that came
before this moment. I find it helpful to remember that every day. Maybe the rough
times have been times that I needed to grow. I know it was those times that I developed
compassion for myself or someone else. Rough times times teach me that
I’m not in control, I must let go to God’s will. I may not have known that the rough times
were as important as the wonderful times, because often I can only see the results of
the life experience in reflection: by looking back at the events, recognizing where I am
now and seeing the connections. Much like looking through the rear view mirror of my

I remember chance meetings or events that have been so influential. One such chance meeting brought me to California. One newspaper article peaked my interest so much in the Christian prayer tool of walking the labyrinth that I embarked on a journey to learn as much as I could about the labyrinth and to offer that information to others as a way to transformation. Another brought my meditation work to a wider audience via recording and publishing.

So, what about miracles today?   I recognize the importance of surrender to God and being open in the present moment to all that is in front of me.  The more I am able to recognize this, the more miracle I see.  The more I see god’s hand in everything.

I invite you to look at all the wonder in your life.  I invite you to look at the miracles all around you. One easy way to do this is to stop, look and listen to this very moment:  

As I write, I hear the birds singing, I am comfortable in my home, I am enjoying a measure of health and great love in my life.  Although I am in transition, Yet again, in this very moment I feel calm and know peace.

Stay in the moment. Love what is the miracle of your life.

Wishing you Happy moments, 


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