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Just Because God Loves You: Thanks-Giving Big Three


I believe that giving thanks is the central theme of our lives and made Thanksgiving the central theme of all the meditation prayers contained in my CD, Heal Your Love.  When we breathe in God’s love, we can give thanks in the present moment for who we are: Children of God. Praise God for all His gifts and as we praise we invite greater joy and light of the Lord into our lives. It’s a miracle to breathe. It’s a miracle to be sitting in this place, at a computer, having a home, food to eat, and family and friends to love. Love my life: it’s the only one I get. Being grateful gives us pause from our anxiety.

I was considering the miracle of the production of this CD and how what I have been blessed with since this CD was produced.  I never dreamed my life would be changed in so many directions as a result of this CD.

I often complete a list of thanksgiving at the end of the day:  thankful for all that God has given.  Thanksgiving for all that God has brought to me.  Three things in this list:

1. Things I am with God’s help.  These include my energy, vitality, ability, the measure of health I enjoy.

2. The great abundance in my life, all coming from God.  Including the love of family and friends, my home, my work, abundance of food and all in my life.

3.  All that I am,  doing nothing, just because God loves me

YES! Peaceful Day knowing that God Loves Me. With all my faults and all my follies, indecisiveness and querkiness. With all my hopes and dreams and prayers, answered and unanswered.  And in times when I forget how much I am loved.   Yes, I am loved. You are loved.

With Peace and love,


P.S. Link on the Meditation Link to learn more about the CD.  Samples of CD contained on the Video Page.


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