LMFT, D. Min.

How to Stop Time: today’s meditation


Today I awoke with a sense of wonder at the miracle that begins with each breath today.  I often say it is a miracle to breathe.  Yes, it’s not just another day, another breath:  it is today, the only day I am given, the only moment of time I am given.

It is through my eyes that I first glimpse the dawn of this day, then I hear the wind, that has been blowing and rattling the windows.  The light is soft, and it’s beauty opens my heart.This realization connects me to all that there is in God’s world for me today: I am part of it all.

Stopping time means savoring each moment as the precious moment it is. Each day, each hour, each moment fully present:  this is being in the eternal time of now.

1.  BREATHE: Recognize your breath.

2. OPEN: Notice with all senses this very moment, where ever you are, the color, the sounds, the taste, the light, the feeling.

3. GOD MOMENT: See yourself in Gods great plan of all that there is in this breath.  God gives us breath for this day.

4. PRAISE and THANKS:  I have a grateful heart and I am filled with appreciation

5.  OMG: OH is sense of awe, MY is the sense of personal connection, GOD is our inspiration, supreme love

I am grateful and go into the day with an intention to see each beautiful person and smile with eyes and heart of love at this world.

In this way,  of noticing, giving thanks, being open I have the magic of God’s world and am able to flow in it and bless each moment. I have stopped time and become part of the great Divine. Thank you God.

Peace and love,


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