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How to Just Say “NO” to Stop the Glorification of Busy


This morning thoughts: what can I say “No” to so that I can can “Yes” to something else?

Sometimes it’s important to just say “No.” Seize the day, cherish the moment by not filling the moments and days with lots of activity. I’ve always needed some down time, time to process and appreciate the life I have been given. I plan time to do nothing, daydream, journal if the mood strikes, draw if the mood strikes, browse the thousands of photos I have taken over the years.

Just say “no” but How?

Two letters, easy enough. Right?  I like to think of three little words that are very important to say.  After those wonderful words “I Love You”  these three come next in line:

“I Have Plans..”

Simple enough, and true.  Plans with myself, to nurture my soul.  Plans to pray, meditate, daydream, nap, lie around the house or yard, gaze at art, follow your baby’s eyes as they follow you, play at the park.  Whatever you have been wanting to do but seem not to get the time.

A friend sent a message that said  “Busy is the new black”  Yes, busy, has a glorification all of itself.  You are important, popular, booked in advance. So?  At what cost?  To be a human doing, not a human being.

The most important feature of this downtime is the ability to listen to my body, listen to what God may be whispering to me. When I stop to listen, all sorts of healing take place. My body is happy that it is just at rest, my mind is happy that it can float over thoughts, under bridges of plans, around the chores and duties of the day. Most of all, my spirit is happy to just BE, not DO.

In reality, this is my most productive time. I give thanks to God and nourish the deeper spirit in me that creates everything else.

Just say “NO”

See what happens for a day.

Just say “NO”

Peace, YES!



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