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Forgiveness Meditation

I do once a month online courses revolving around the theme of Letting Go:  Surrender to Joy.

We all know that God loves us. Yet we worry about the future, have regrets about the past, get anxious, develop addictive behaviors, experience depression, have fear and have doubts.

When we are in these places of fear, it’s difficult to have enough faith to truly believe that our God who loves us so much and has cared for us in every way, will take care of us through our times of worry, suffering and pain.

I am exploring ways to look at worry, anxiety, depression, doubt and our lack of faith. I want to be able to  teach tools to help us more fully accept God’s love into our hearts and return to the  joyful sacred life that God has planned for us.

One of the areas that presents a problem for many of us the area of forgiveness:  of ourselves and others.

In my twenty years of working with others, I understand that Forgiveness is a Process. There is no time frame. Each person will work through the process at his/her own pace. There is no magical saying or act that will produce instant results.

In my mind at least, forgiving others does not mean simply accepting them without inviting them to grow. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, forgiving others is not something accomplished simply through our own power or virtue. If there was ever anything for which we need God’s grace, this is it.   Bad feelings or unforgiven hurts toward your fellow beings can cause you to feel very depressed.

Telling others you are sorry you have wronged them or that you have forgiven them for something they have done to you in the past can often be the most therapeutic means of bringing about a peaceful heart, but takes the time that it takes to get there. Be patient with the process.

Join me as I begin a meditation prayer on Forgiveness: of yourself and of others. This sample is about two minutes long. The entire Meditation prayer is about 15. Heal Your Love: Mindful Christian Meditation cd with 5 meditations plus two instrumental pieces available at


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