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Five Ways to De-Stress from World Events

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I have worked with trauma de-briefing for many years and offer the
following suggestions for who are not directly effected by the traumatic events of the last week,  but feel stress, sadness and the feelings of secondary trauma due to the events of the last week and last several months.

1. Remember that empathy connects us to others. We want to be connected but at the same time take care of ourselves and those loved ones who require our
presence.  Be grateful that in your heart you are able to empathize.
2. Be kind and gentle with yourself: recognize that you may feel “off
center ” and need a break.  Perhaps you need to take a break from the
news. Especially refrain from observing the sensational news coverage.
3. Focus on the positive: in all the events there are a number of
people who come to others aid in compassionate and loving ways.
Realize that from great trauma, come heroes and angels.
4. Take action:  plant some flowers in memorial to the victims, plant
a tree as symbol of the goodness in life, the everyday heroes.
5. Be present in your life: Hug more, love more, say what you need to say. Spend time doing fun activities with those who love you.

Peace and blessings to you,

Georgiana Lotfy, LMFT, D.MIN

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