LMFT, D. Min.

Christmas Compassion

It’s a crazy fast paced world out there.

We all know this and yet, even I with all my meditation and reflection become part of it and get on that fast train to “get things done” .  I ready for the birth of our Lord, the celebration of love coming into the world with haste and purchase.

From time to time, I must stop and ask: what’s going on?  I try to reach that potential for goodness that the season is really about.  I reach within to my heart to find compassion.  Compassion for myself is the mercy I give to others: from the grocery clerk to the person on the other end of the phone who puts me on hold while I listen to loud dissonant music.

I have thought that maybe the season of Christmas is here to demonstrate to us how we really are, if we dare to look.  Am I forgiving of the woman who cut me off on the freeway?  Can I stop and talk to the man who asks me for money on the street? Do I call someone who might be lonely this season, far away from family? Can I give away a coat that I don’t use to someone who needs it?

Random acts of kindness reveal our true self.

So, today, in all that I attempt, I will breathe in kindness, and breathe out haste….

In Kindness…out haste.

With love and kindness,


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