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Why Meditation? Why JOY, of course!

Room to Breathe Sample I have meditated for over twenty years.  Someone asked “Why?”  and said he didn’t have the time,   So, why bother with meditation? Here are a few that I’ve observed and a few that have some research that supports them: Healthy:  improves blood pressure, heart function and immune system Reduces stress… Continue Reading

4 Tips when You Ate Too Many Chips

Yesterday was one of those days where the food was part of the celebration.  People, eating, laughing, talking, celebrating seem to go together. In this case, it was the Fourth of July celebration, but it could be any celebration.  It’s summer, but it could be any season.   We will be invited to porlucks, birthday… Continue Reading

Mindful Eating Technique: Stop, Breathe and Notice

I remember dinners at my Italian grandmother’s.  They were celebrations  of food, beginning with the preparation of the home made pasta the day before.  My aunts and I would gather and lovingly prepare the dozens of eggs and flour slowly into strands of pasta or fill these with meat for ravioli.  I got to experience making… Continue Reading