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5 Ways to Let Go to Forgiveness


We all know that God loves us. Yet we worry about the future, have regrets about the past, get anxious, develop addictive behaviors, experience depression, have fear and have doubts.

When we are in these places of fear, its difficult to have enough faith to truly believe that our God who loves us so much and has cared for us in every way, will take care of us through our times of worry, suffering and pain.

In working with so many people over the years, I realized the importance and benefits of learning tools to help with worry and regret. In my own journey, there have been times when I allowed doubt, worries, anxiety, and fear overcome whatever joy there may have been in my life.

I set out to discover how to get closer to God in times when I really needed his love. I wanted to experience the joy that God wants for me in every moment.

I realized too that in the area of forgiveness there was a great deal of hurt, anger and regret that seemed to bother people at a deep level, and lead to depression.

Forgiveness is letting go of past hurts and regrets and opening our heart to love more fully.  This is not an easy task for many people.  It is a process and I encourage people to move through forgiveness at their own pace, in their own time.

It is also a process that needs the help of God’s love.

Here are some tips about forgiveness.

1.  Forgiveness is a willingness to open your heart. It is an act you do for yourself.

2. Forgiving does not mean to forget the harm done to you.

3.  Forgiveness has the power to uplift you and the other person in unseen ways.

4. There is no time frame.  Take the time that is necessary.

5. Open to the willingness to forgive and surrender this to God.

You may need the support of another person to walk you through deep feeling of hurt and/or anger to forgive. Even having the intention of forgiveness can free our hearts of past regrets.

Breathe into this intention as you read these words, ask God for the help that you need.

In this present moment:  Breathing in love, letting go of hurt.

Peace to you,




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