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4 Tips when You Ate Too Many Chips


Yesterday was one of those days where the food was part of the celebration.  People, eating, laughing, talking, celebrating seem to go together.

In this case, it was the Fourth of July celebration, but it could be any celebration.  It’s summer, but it could be any season.   We will be invited to porlucks, birthday parties, weddings, showers, homes for dinner, anniversaries, BBQs, beach parties, pool parties, and picnics and more.

What do you do after a few too many chips?  or deserts? or potato salad?

Of course, I have done the same thing.

I have learned a few things:

1.  One day does not make a lifestyle and how I eat is a lifestyle, mindful nourishment, not a “diet”

2. Recognizing the past is past and starting anew is the only way: it’s a new hour, a new meal, a new day

3. NO self-criticism: punishment doesn’t work, self-criticism is punishment…

4. Move on to the next moment

Today is the day after a food feast.

It’s a new day, I think I’ll eat my oatmeal now.

Love each moment, you’ll never have this moment again,


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  1. Amen…..How true. The word “diet” was never meant to mean “deny”. You diet should be your lifestyle, and if it is healthy on a day to day basis, a celebration of food will not make an ounce of a difference. I read once that one should never, ever pass on a slice of birthday cake. In doing so, you deny yourself the treat, have chosen not to honor the birthday girl/boy and most likely alienated those standing around you who ARE holding the slice of cake! Participate….embrace….relax….it’s cake!

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