LMFT, D. Min.

Georgiana Lotfy, LMFT, D. Min.

For over twenty-five years, Georgiana Lotfy have been assisting people of all ages in her private practice and in inpatient and outpatient settings by using a practice based on compassion and non-judgmental, attentive listening. Being sensitive to  diverse cultures, She can help clients reach their goals of a better life. Areas of expertise include addiction, depression, child and adolescent difficulties, couples communication, adult and child sleep difficulties, grief and life transitions.

Georgiana Lotfy has practiced and taught mindful meditation for over twenty years. Meditation can help with stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, and health issues. She also teaches meditative practices that provide assistance when facing illness.

Georgiana Lotfy is an experienced speaker who provides lively and motivational, interactive, information to audiences on a variety of topics including Mindful Meditation and Prevention of Vicarious Traumatization and Compassion Fatigue, Meditation and Recovery, and Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep.

Meditations are available on CD here: Meditation CD’s by Georgiana Lotfy